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Our curriculum

Our practitioners have a deep understanding of our children. We know what guidance and support they need to thrive and to truely learn. At the Little Firefly Forest School we recognise how to and what creates a meaningful learning experience. 

Similarly to most other Early Years settings in the UK, we adhere to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). We understand the great importance not only within the three prime areas of development (Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language) but also within the four sub prime areas (Understanding the World, Arts and Creativity, Literacy and Maths). Every day we practice all seven areas of the EYFS and each child has the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in these areas.

Our hope is that their time with us helps them grow into an individual who is ready to move onto their next exciting chapter, or school. We recognise the importance of a formal education but above all we recognise the importance of becoming a confident, independent, self-motivated, curious, resilient and enthusiastic person. Who is a valued and kind member of their community and who responds to their friends with empathy and consideration.

Our curriculum is ambitious, flexible, child centred and led by their interests and their families. We offer exciting and rich language through storytelling and play. We build strong links with our families and wider community. We take into consideration the children's socioeconomic background and this informs our cultural capital. We embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our curriculum develops resilience, confidence, independence and innovative members of society. 


Achieving this means we have given our learners the best possible start in life, 

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