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Food at The Little Firefly Forest School - Kingston Blount

Whilst children bring their own packed lunch to Forest School at our Kingston Blount site, it remains paramount to us that they learn about the importance of eating healthily. Food and mealtimes are also an important time at Forest School in developing our sense of community.

Snack times are a time of togetherness and to develop a love for food, Where possible we source our fruit and veg from local farmers and aim to ensure the children are getting at least five portions of fruit and veg every day. For the occasional treat we might toast marshmallows on an open fire or have a biscuit to give us an extra boost of energy, particularly when its cold.

Using our open fire, we make fresh bread, jams and other homemade treats, made collaboratively with the children and enjoyed at snacktime around the fire. 


Menu example

What might a day of food look like at a The Little Firefly?

Morning snack
Oat cakes
Fresh fruit 


Children's own packed lunch 

Afternoon snack

A hearty snack cooked on the fire 

E.g. Toasted bagels served with a jam and butter

Water is available all day, hot chocolate and fruit tea will be served on cold days, along with other warm drinks such as warm cloudy apple juice

Please note: we are a completely nut free nursery. No nuts or products containing nuts are to be bought onto the site under any circumstance. Although we do not use tree nuts or peanuts in our dishes, we cannot guarantee that our suppliers work in nut free environments. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that there has been no cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that any item is free from any allergenic ingredients

Large Tree

The Little Firefly Forest School 
Kingston Blount

Our setting can be found surrounded by acres of farmland and endless country side. Set in a secluded spot on Kingston Blount farm, our Outdoor Nursery is nestled among vast fields, streams and trees. We are set amongst endless walks and woodland, where we can explore and learn. Our children visit our allotment to plant and nurture fruit, vegetables and wild flowers. We are very fortunate to enjoy the company of the donkeys, sheep and cattle who live next door to us! Kingston Blount Farm is very much a working farm and we are afforded the incomparable experiences of seeing the farm in action! Children enjoy a risk positive approach from our practitioners which allows them maximum opportunity and growth. 

Activities can range from: climbing, building dens and creative play, to reading stories, mark making and mathematics (counting leaves, acorns, feathers, dividing, sharing, measuring and combining), all amongst nature. We enjoy our morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack outside where possible (using shelters when necessary). Our afternoon snack is often cooked on an open fire with the children.  Children take naps in hammocks, outdoors all year round and we have a cosy log cabin complete with a wood burning stove to  warm us up on chilly days. 


Learning about food at Forest School

In our Forest Garden!

We are extremely fortunate to have access to our very own patch at Kingston Blount allotments. The children visit regularly to check on and tend to the allotment. Collecting water and pulling up unwanted weeds to keep our patch smart. We are approaching our first planting season and hope to plant herbs, wild flowers, raspberries, potatoes and carrots for the children to enjoy over the coming year. 

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