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The Little Firefly

Using nature and nurture to help your child grow happily and healthily

Introducing The Little Firefly Forest School

An Outdoor Day Nursery

Welcome to The Little Firefly Forest School. We offer unique and high quality childcare for children aged 2 to 5 years. Our ethos is to use nature and nurture to help children grow. 


Our Ofsted registered, outdoor nurseries are set in the beautiful Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside. Here we follow the core Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, alongside free play and exploration of the great outdoors. You can read the results from our recent parent voice here. 

We encourage all our families to give Ofsted their views on our setting. You can do so here!


About Forest School

The concept of Forest School originates from countries such as Denmark and Norway, where preschool learning often takes place in the outdoors. Forest School has existed for many years in the UK but the term Forest School has recently become more popular, with schools and nurseries incorporating it into their learning.

What does Forest School involve

Forest School is very much about child centred play. The Forest School leaders will facilitate play and learning, We will put in place activities, but we very much encourage children to explore and play in a way that is not hindered by adult involvement. This leads to the richest play experiences that allow for the most opportunities for development.

Activities may include; woodland crafts such as crown making, leaf and bark rubbing, wreath making etc. creating and nurturing mini beast hotels, tree climbing, cooking on an open fire, making our own food such as bread and jam, learning to identify trees and different wild berries (emphasis on safety outdoors), den building, outdoor games such as stuck in the mud and planting (then nurturing) our own vegetables and plants.

Forest School supports children through the process of taking small risks but allowing them to do so in a safe environment with experienced staff. Our Forest School leaders will provide children with the knowledge they need and support throughout, to enable the children to participate in new activities such as cooking on an open fire.

All our activities are led by Forest School leaders and experienced childcare practitioners and our more ‘risky’ activities such as cooking on an open fire and tree climbing, are managed closely by staff and are thoroughly risk assessed. Alongside our outdoor learning we follow the EYFS curriculum and framework. 


Kingston Blount

Learn more about our Kingston Blount site here.



Learn more about our Upton site here.

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